Attercoppe Hall

The Norman Invasion of 1066

Set against the backdrop of a culture that is being forcibly erased, Attercoppe Hall is a tale of how an embroidered length of linen betrays the lord of misrule.

Attercoppe Hall - Paperback Edition
Attercoppe Hall
Attercoppe Hall illustrated by Liné Tutwiler

Inspired by the embroidery known as the Bayeux Tapestry, Attercoppe Hall is a novel which explores the mysteries that have been hidden in its threads for nearly a thousand years. Why was it commissioned by Bishop Odo, brother of William the Conqueror? Why is such a violent depiction of Norman invasion so riddled with griffons and drakes and smiling horses and men pressing shushing fingers to lips? What is the meaning behind the shocking scene labeled — WHERE A CERTAIN CLERIC AND ÆLFYGA — ? And why is the end of this two hundred and thirty foot long embroidery missing?

Attercoppe Hall is the story of a Norman bishop who will stop at nothing to seize the papacy for himself. It is told from the viewpoints of three he ensnares in his plans.

Ælfgyva, the girl who stole a forbidden embroidery and stitched it secretly in a forgotten Saxon hall.

Magdalena, the hardened Benedictine nun, compelled to cross the sea with a human skull in hand, who is forced to take charge of Canterbury’s nuns.

And Vitalis, the slave turned knight who is coerced into aiding in crime because he knows the bishop’s secrets.

It is also the story of how an aged English prioress, who happens to descend from Viking seiðrs, sees into the future and carefully plots the bishop’s undoing. Set against the backdrop of a culture that is being forcibly erased, Attercoppe Hall is ultimately a tale of how an embroidered length of linen becomes a treasure for the ages.

What Readers Are Saying
Just finishing this beautiful copy of a completely entrancing book, Attercoppe Hall. Masterfully crafted, and enticing you along the journey of intrigue, secrets, plots and deceit. This novel artistically weaves historical context with the imagination of possibility. For anyone who is looking for something to read that will draw your curiosity and attention and pique your interest from the first page, look no further.
Ansley Knopf
March 16, 2021
Attercoppe Hall surprised me. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect and often it takes a while for me to become invested in a story. However, it only took two chapters and the introduction of AElfgyva and Vital and I was drawn into the story. The two characters, who felt like the meeting point between their two worlds, were alive and pulled me into their world and story. All the characters made me either love them, pity them or despise them. The Norman Conquest came to life in the pages and the clash of two peoples became real. While the true story behind the tapestry may never be fully known, the author spun a beautiful tale of what might have been through the eyes of each character she created. I highly recommend you pick up this book and loose yourself in this world of conquered England and the lives that were woven around and into this mysterious tapestry.
Catherine Bacik
March 26, 2021

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