Why I Wrote Attercoppe Hall

I like history – the weird things from history. And little, in my opinion, is more bizarre, more puzzling or more enticing than the Bayeux Tapestry. I was first introduced to this strange and wonderful embroidery in sixth grade. As we opened our history books one day, my teacher, Mrs. McCullough, announced, “Here is a […]

The Complete Bayeux Tapestry… to the ragged end

To really appreciate the mammoth task those Canterbury Nuns undertook embroidering the Bayeux Tapestry, it has to be experienced in full as a continuous story. The vast dimensions of this artifact can be admired here. Scroll Horizontal to view Read the full Wikipedia article on the Bayeux Tapestry here Read the Wikipedia article on the […]

How Was the Bayeux Tapestry Created?

One of my favorite resources discovered in researching how the Bayeux Tapestry was made is: The Bayeux Tapestry | A look at the physical aspects of this piece from a 21st century viewpoint   This is an awesome website.  It presents, in clear and concise detail, the effort it took to construct such a monumental artifact. […]

The Bayeux Tapestry is Scheduled to Return to England in 2022. Ohhhh, Really?

After nearly a thousand years, The Bayeux Tapestry is scheduled to return to England for an exhibit in 2022! Although just such a return has been hoped for and attempted several times before, will it actually happen this time? Since it was completed, probably sometime in the 1070’s, The Bayeux Tapestry has never returned to […]