The Bayeux Tapestry is Scheduled to Return to England in 2022. Ohhhh, Really?

After nearly a thousand years, The Bayeux Tapestry is scheduled to return to England for an exhibit in 2022! Although just such a return has been hoped for and attempted several times before, will it actually happen this time?

Since it was completed, probably sometime in the 1070’s, The Bayeux Tapestry has never returned to England, the home of its origins. There are only two occasions in which the Bayeux Tapestry  actually left Normandy in all that time. Once, when it was displayed in Paris under Napoleon’s orders after nearly being cut up for a float designed for the “Goddess of Reason” during the French Revolution. And then, many years later, it was again in Paris when the conquering Nazis brought it to the Louvre during Hitler’s regime.

There were two attempts, in recent history, to bring The Bayeux Tapestry back to England. Once was to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Another time, to mark the 900th anniversary of the Battle Hastings in 1966. Both, unfortunately fell through. This time, there is a new attempt to bring the Bayeux Tapestry to England in 2022. The museum which houses The Bayeux Tapestry is in desperate need of updates and repairs, thus facilitating the possibility of bringing it, for a term, to England. However, this age of COVID may present some challenges to making that a reality. Will it happen? Will it? Will it? Maybe. 

We shall see.  

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